Auction: Guns, Swords, Knives, Military, German Memorabilia, Tools

Bob & Sallie Connelly will conduct an Auction of Guns, Swords, Knives, Military, German Memorabilia & Tools at the Showplace in Binghamton on Sunday May 22, 2016 at noon, with a preview at 10:00 am.

The auction includes Guns and Parts, Swords and Knives, Military and German Memorabilia featuring German WWII Items, 12 Sets of Binoculars, Over 30 Cameras, and Tools selling at Noon.

Photos of selected items are displayed in an AuctionZip Gallery and in a slideshow below.

Guns & Parts: Including a Winchester Model 1892 Serial #73811, made 1895, .38 W.C.F., octagon barrel; a Model 1851 Navy Colt Serial #89356, made 1858, all matching numbers, stamped U.S.N. and Colts patent U.S., .36 caliber; a double barrel Rigby percussion pistol, .44 caliber, with case & powder horn; a flintlock blunderbuss, 20" length; a small German steel cannon, with working action;  Over 5000 rounds of ammunition, including .22 cal, Japanese 8 & 9 mm Nambu, .30 cal match ammo in original boxes; Magazines: .45, M1 Walther P38 carbine, stripper clips; and Rifle bolts: U.S. model 1903, German Kar98, Japanese type 99.

Swords & Knives: Including a Katana circa 1650-1700 25.25" cutting length, signed Tadahiro; a Wakizashi circa 1550, 15" cutting length, signed Tomomitsu; a Kris Sword with wooden sheath; an Arabic short sword with leather sheath; a Medieval sword, 16th Century, overall length 33", blade is 26.5"; an Arabic dagger with sheath; and a Model 1833 French Naval Cutlass with leather and brass scabbard dated May 1847, #567 on guard, the spine reads "Manufre Rle de Chatellerault May 1847," there are large anchors stamped on  both sides of the blade and an oval cartouche with crown over the letter "L."

Bob & Sallie Connelly Auction of Guns, Swords, Knives, Military, German Memorabilia, Tools on Sunday, May 22, 2016 at the Showplace in Binghamton, NYMilitary & German Memorabilia: Including a WWI Prussian infantry, spiked Helmet stamped 1916;  a 1930 Waltham boxed chronometer; a 19th Century copy of an 18th Century George Washington Peace Medal; a framed print of General James H. (Jimmy) Doolittle with autograph; a letter from General Henry (Hap) Arnold to Lt. General J.H. Doolittle, dated April 10, 1945.

German WWII Items, including:
  • A 133-page, 1936 Adolf Hitler Propaganda Book, forward by Goebbels and Goring, with 205 photos by Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, has paper inside reading "Recovered from bombed out house in Munich 1945."
  • One of a kind scrap book with paper inside reading "Souvenir Book of Berchtesgaden, presented to Lt. Col. George Henderson U.S. Army Commanding at Berchtesgaden in 1945, hand made by Herr Erhard Peltz (a member of Hitler's house staff from 1936 to 1945) and Col. Henderson, house servant in 1945." The book has 39 original photos taken by Peltz. 
  • A Nazi SS Stein, with the name R. Brendel engraved on top, and authentication documents inside verifying that Major Reinhard Brendel was an administrator in 1944 at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp and was later captured by the Russians and executed for war crimes by the Poles.
  • A wooden block (a beam tie) from Hitler's guest house at Obersalzberg, removed in 1988, with documentation and COA on back. 
  • A piece of stone, with COA, that was removed from the front column of the Fuhrerbau (Nazi Party Headquarters) in 1997, while it was under repair.
  • A 40 year Nazi Service Award dated 20 August 1938 for Willy Huth. 
  • A copy of a Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with oak leaves and swords, cross stamped #3 on reverse with oak leaves, no makers mark.
  • A copy of a Black Wound Badge, marked 20 July 1944, no makers mark on reverse, stamped 015, engraved Otto Gunsche.
  • Other Nazi items include coins, stamps and patches. 
  • Other military items include hats, a footlocker, etc. and Civil War spent bullets dug in South Carolina.
Binoculars:  Including a Carl Zeiss 8x30, a Jena 8x30, a Deltrintem, a Steiner 6x30, U.S. Military M19 7x50 (Nash Kelvinator), 1943 M3 6x30 (2 Nash Kelvinators), a Nikon JB7 8x30 8.5°, a Beck Kassel CBS Luchs 7x50, and a Zeiss Promaster.

Cameras: Including Franke & Heidecke Rollei 35 and Rollei 16s; Minox III and Minox B; Konica; Kodak Retina III, Chevron and Medalist II; Mamiya, NC1000s; Zeiss Ikon Contaflex SLR; Asahi Pentax Super; Yashica Lynx 14; Ricoh 500; Leitz Leica and Leicaflex SL with flash; Canon Bell Howell Canonet 19; Nikon EM with 6 extra lenses; and 4 digital cameras.

Tools Selling at 12 Noon: Including 2 table saws, 1 with Vega fence system; 2 generators; a Craftsman radial arm saw; a Craftsman jointer; a Craftsman large stick welder; an electric chain saw & leaf blower; circular saws; buffers; drills; sanders; machinist tools including tool chests; LCD dial indicator; calipers; gauges; gauge blocks; a vise; centering indicator; etc.  Other hand tools include saws; clamps vises; socket sets; wrenches; hand planes; molding planes including Stanley #55 with 3 boxes of heads, in original boxes; much more.

Miscellaneous: A small ornate safe; Adirondack pack basket; Gottlieb's Jungle Pinball Machine; 2 Pachinko Machines.

All items are sold "AS IS” -- no refunds and no returns – with a 13% Buyer’s Premium and a 3% Discount for Cash or Check.

Additional details, photos, and directions are available in the auction brochure (PDF: 278 KB) and in a slim version (71 KB) without photos.

 Absentee and phone bids for this auction can be submitted using the convenient bidform. Bidders must be pre-registered. First-time NYS tax exempt buyers must complete and submit NYS Resale Certificate ST-120

Please Note: Descriptions of the German Memorabilia were provided by the Estate. Please examine items before bidding.

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